Make today to build tomorrow
Film court sur de jeunes entrepreneurs grecs
Témoigner du dynamisme de la jeune génération grecque,
exprimer son désir de reprise en main de son avenir,
faire l'éloge du courage nécessaire à la réinvention d'un pays.
Une collaboration avec le Flux Laboratory Athènes.
Grèce, 2015

Short documentary film on young greek entrepreneurs
Witness the dynamism of the young greek generation,
express its desire of retaking control of its future,
commend the courage needed in order to reinvent a country.
A collaboration with Flux Laboratory Athens.
Greece, 2015

« Make Today to Build Tomorrow » oppose à une vision souvent pessimiste de la Grèce actuelle un témoignage enthousiaste du dynamisme d’une jeune génération d’hommes et de femmes passionnés qui œuvrent avec conviction pour développer leur activité.
Ce film court pose un regard sur de jeunes entrepreneurs grecs au travail : embrassant une reconversion professionnelle devenue un impératif, chacun d'eux tâche de reprendre contact avec une réalité qui semblait lui échapper. En un ballet de gestes appliqués, ces professionnels nous dévoilent un quotidien dicté par le désir de « bien faire » pour inventer de nouvelles manières d’aider, de fabriquer, de nourrir et de partager.

Présenté en janvier 2016, ce premier volet d'une recherche en cours interroge l'implication du corps au quotidien, ou comment reprendre contact avec l'expérience physique et tactile alors que tant de métiers imposent désormais de rester assis derrière un écran.
« Make Today to Build Tomorrow » chooses to oppose to a pessimistic vision of contemporary Greece with an enthusiastic testimony of the new generation’s dynamism of passionate men and women striving to develop their activities.
This short film conveys the lives of young Greek entrepreneurs at work: embracing a professional retraining which had become necessary, each one of them tend to get back in touch with a reality which seemed to slip through their fingers. Through motion in sync, these professionals unveil a daily life driven by the desire to “do well” in order to invent new manners of helping, producing, nourishing and sharing.

Presented last January, the first part of an ongoing research questions the involvement of the body in daily work, or how to go back to physical and sensitive daily experience when nowadays so many jobs ask to keep seated in front of a computer screen.

" What I see is that very few have realized the true value of working with
the physical world and how crucial it is to give this natural, primary material :
your time and devotion.

This process is pivotal as it fills you with ideas.
Lack of contact with the physical world is a result of being overly attached
to technology as well as living in a readymade urban environment,
which is increasingly isolated from nature.

The physical world is sensual – which is not to say that the virtual
cannot be equally sensual.

I'm not suspicious in terms of the direction the world is taking,
but I do witness something :
I witness children with a lower ability to be attentive nowadays
as well as the disappearance of craftsmen.
An artist is also a craftsman.
I was taught by Greek painter Yannis Tsarouchis,
and this is something I know very well.
The alchemy of art is knowing how to transform matter into something else,
something which is open to poetry. "


Voice over : With the generous participation of choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou

Original music : "To Waltz ton Mation" by Stavros Lantsias

Production : Flux Laboratory

Production manager : Hermes Katharakis

Editing : Yorgos Lamprinos

Sound editing - mastering : Cyril Harrison

Color grading : Gregory Arvanitis

© All rights reserved


Panagiotis Grigoriou, founder of 1900 The Barber Shop
Nikos Karathanos, Chef and co-founder of Cookoovaya restaurant
Olgianna Melissinos, co-owner of Melissinos Sandals
Stamatis Mylonas, co-owner of Mylonas Wines
Evi Sougkara, designer and co-founder of A Future Perfect
Maria and Penny Vlachou, founders of Fereikos Snails
Yannis Zaras, founder of Big Olive City Walks

Premiere in Athens, Jan 2016
in the Frame of Flux Laboratory's Exhibition at Metamatic:Taf

© Chris Kontos

Copyright @ 2017 Daphné Bengoa.
All rights reserved